Ram B. Bhagat, Ph.D.

[US Citizen with SECRET security clearance]


(814) 876-3333


With a PhD degree in Metallurgical Engineering and an MSME degree in Mechanical Engineering, I am an experienced engineering manager cum a subject matter expert in materials (metals, ceramics, and composites), metallurgy, mechanics, microelectronics and nanotechnology. For over 8 years at Northrop Grumman with a SECRET security clearance, I have had numerous opportunities to solve very complex, systems level problems utilizing my leadership skills and subject matter expertise. I am widely recognized as an effective problem solver who makes decisive recommendations to the management, customers and other stakeholders saving the company millions of dollars. Going forward I see myself in a leadership position wherein I can achieve the dual goals of (a) effectively utilizing the synergy of the diverse talents to bring value-added to the organization beyond my being a single expert contributor and (b) developing the employees (of diverse technical backgrounds and aspirations) so that they can achieve their dreams of being a technical leader/expert or an effective manager. For making a bigger difference in the business of engineering, I adhere to the following leadership style and supervisory responsibilities:

Leadership Style: A leader who delegates, motivates and encourages team members to get the desired results on time and within budget exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders. Positive energy and positive attitudes to get things done and done right irrespective of complexities or difficulties. Results-oriented. Appreciative of the team members and their performance.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

• Holds regular status meetings with Project Managers and project teams.
• Effectively communicates relevant project information to superiors.
• Delivers engaging, informative, well-organized presentations.
• Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion.
• Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.

• Challenges others to develop as leaders while serving as a role model and mentor.
• Inspires co-workers to attain goals and pursue excellence.
• Identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for change.
• Manages the process of innovative change effectively.
• Remains on the forefront of emerging technologies and industry practices.

• Consistently acknowledges and appreciates each team member’s contributions.
• Effectively utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential.
• Motivates team to work together in the most efficient manner.
• Keeps track of lessons learned and shares those lessons with team members.

• Mitigates team conflict and communication problems.



A motivated, energetic Engineering Manager/Consulting Engineer with extensive management experience and proven expertise in Materials, Metallurgy, Processes, and Mechanics.   Effective in managing people, projects, intellectual properties, budgets and finances.   Astute problem solver adept at harnessing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to gain a competitive advantage. Delivered results to sponsors and stakeholders for over 50 programs/projects on time and within budget. Completed Leadership Program at Northrop Grumman Corporation and an Executive Management Program at Penn State University. Skilled in effective communication, delegating tasks, mentoring and motivating. Enthusiastic, cheerful, and an effective problem solver providing rapid response and data-based specific recommendations on complex problems as a recognized subject matter expert (SME).

  • Key role in commercially focusing $200+ million in cutting-edge R&D initiatives. Single-handedly led over $43M in projects ranging from $20K to $12M each. Delivered results on time and within budget.
  • Visionary whose keen technical acumen and strategic insights bring new technologies to the fore-front. Secured multi-year strategic partnership with Navy by illustrating industrial applications of results.
  • Effective leader with positive attitude who draws upon outstanding communication, organizational, and relationship-building skills. Excellent delegator/motivator for getting tasks completed on schedule.
  • Avid technology champion and world renowned scholar. Invited to author/present 200+ research papers, proposals, and studies emphasizing emerging materials technologies.
  • Recognized expert in materials, metallurgy, processes, and mechanics. Examples: metals, ceramics, composites; casting, powder metallurgy; nonlinear-FEA, fatigue, fracture mechanics; systems failure root cause analysis, corrosion, wear, coatings; joining, machining; microelectronics, radars, sensors, systems qualification testing; energy storage systems (batteries, capacitors); and nanotechnology.


Large Defense Programs


IFTS, IFMU, F-16 ABR, F22, AWACS, Wedgetail, Blue Yonder, SSMIS, BAT, Longbow, AURA, STS SBIRS, V9, V10, B-1, JSTARS, Blue Storm, SPQ9B, Expo, JSF, Cobra Judy, VADER, Phoenix, and ManTech Programs



  • Delivered 4-fold reduction in repair costs and 5-fold improvement in product life for aerospace and defense applications. Identified $20M savings for Fortune 1000 company by pioneering industry-1st coating materials and processes.
  • JSTAR crashed while operating in an enemy territory. Determined that a rotating part made of steel was given a wrong heat treatment by a vendor; the hardness was too high. A fatigue crack propagated to a critical length leading to a catastrophic failure in operation. DoD gained significant operational benefits.
  • Identified the root cause of a device failure that had led to scrubbing a satellite launch.  Solder cracked due to a lack of strain relief for the transistor leads. The device was redesigned and reworked. Authored a new document for rework [MP1017]. The reworked devices have been successfully deployed in space.
  • Established the root cause of fracture (of HTCC ceramic substrate) in conjunction with environment-assisted slow crack growth for products already built. Led a risk analysis for the products’ acceptance. The customer accepted specific recommendations. The products were shipped; saving the company millions of dollars.
  • Served on the Penn State Faculty Senate and various committees for six years for effective governance of the university. Spearheaded organization of 13 international conferences. Reviewed over 300 scientific/engineering proposals for DoD, NRC, NSF, NASA, NIST, and numerous technical journals.
  • Influenced a management decision to limit the duration of PDP (professional development program) rotations to eighteen months at NGES sector wide. This helped significant retention of young engineers.
  • Sole Inventor on U.S. patent (6,402,802 B1) for nanotechnology with significant value for Global 100 leaders. Recognized as one to propel groundbreaking concepts from laboratory to global marketplace.
  • Authored over 270 publications and made numerous invited presentations in the United States and abroad.  Developed two graduate-level courses and taught several courses at Penn State. Supervised thesis/dissertation of over 60 students who graduated with B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree at Penn State.
  • Mentored young engineers at Northrop Grumman Corporation and numerous professionals in Fortune 500 leadership positions. Shaped young minds for making a big difference.




Northrop Grumman Corporation, Baltimore, MD                                                                          

2002 – 2010

Advisory Engineer (materials, processes and mechanics) with SECRET security clearance

Managed Proposals Review, Workload Management, Lessons Learned, and Mechanical Systems department overhead budget tasks. Provided solution-driven, customer-focused leadership in microelectronics materials issues for numerous large-scale defense programs.  Actively organized and presented at Northrop Grumman ES symposia and participated in Workforce Engagement Initiative and Diversity committees.

Selective projects-specific accomplishments:

  • Led a thorough metallurgical evaluation combined with finite element analysis and concluded that the risk of device failure in the field as a result of a missed processing step was minimal. The customer accepted data-based recommendations and authorized shipment saving NGES millions of dollars.
  • Determined that a plated magnetic ceramic suffered a thermal shock as a result of rapid cooling during the solder reflow cycle, and cracked. Suggested changes to the reflow cycle. This solved the problem.
  • Determined the root cause of device (silicon carbide transistor) failure during thermal fatigue testing. Saved the program from potential cancellation, thereby saving NGES millions of dollars.


Prior to 2002, held various positions (Department Head, Senior Scientist, and Professor) at Penn State University, State College, PA and NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Selective projects-specific accomplishments:

  • Developed nanostructured cutting tools (WC-Co) for high speed machining of titanium alloys under a large Navy ManTech program in collaboration with industry. Significant benefits (performance, cost saving) were realized in machining a 44-blade compressor section of an aircraft.
  • Developed wear-resistant, nanostructured aluminum alloy/composite coatings for roadwheels for DoD. A coated roadwheel was field tested in a military vehicle. Field test was continued for 3300 miles without any significant damage to the coating. The coating prolonged life; significant weight savings were also realized.
  • Developed innovative cast metal matrix composites for aerospace and automotive applications. Recognized with ASM International Fellow award.




Metallurgical/Materials Science Engineering            

Indian Institute of Technology [IIT] Mumbai


Mechanical Engineering                                                   

West Virginia University, Morgantown


Metallurgical/Materials Science Engineering           

Indian Institute of Technology [IIT] Roorkee




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